Black tie is a mode of dress that exuded grandness and glamour. It should demonstrate a mastery of tailoring, and its successful execution requires the use of luxurious materials. Its design calls for a specific sensitivity to the dress code through an acute awareness to detail. And beyond the mirage of near perfect uniformity, a gentleman’s black tie outfit will be of a style, that in contrast to his neighbour, personifies his unique qualities to the highest degree.


Working in partnership with the finest European tailors and craftspeople, our specialty lies in the creation of complete one-of-a-kind outfits for black tie. With each finished work consisting of individually customised pieces: from tailored suiting and evening jackets, to shirting, shoes, and matching accessories, the bespoke luxury of complete cohesion is achieved. Our savoir-fair Is in offering an engaging head-to-toe experience like no other. And as artisans of black tie, DRESD is our final word.

luxurious Materials

Regarded among the best in the world, DORMEUIL and ALUMO create truely unique sartorial cloth. When seeking a refined lustre, luxurious quality, and superior drape, we defer to these houses exclusively. as the hallmarks of our creations, we invite you to explore a vivid and ever-changing curation of many possibilities.

price on application

Our black tie outfits and individually tailored pieces are P.O.A. Due to the customisable nature of these products, pricing will vary according to the design and selection of materials. For a sample guide with price ranges, showcasing outfit examples, please click HERE. We can provide a specific quote based on your enquiry, prior to confirming an appointment.